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This blog provide special service regarding all type custom and upgrading cars such as :-

1. Cars upgrading ( engine)
2. Accessory ( perdana, kenari & others )
3. Puspakom consultants services.
4. Sell & trade in car.
5. Insurance & Road tax.

Latest product in store; 

1)Meter v6 enhanced...RM450, 

2)Leather seat v6 enhanced (leather only) RM1800 installation additional RM150.00 

3)Center console....RM480.00 

4)Rear tail light original PROREKA (RM500.00) Complete with center reflector... 

5)Body kit v6 enhanced original (made by JRD and PROTON) RM850 front bumper
c/w lining chrome or black, Front grille...RM170....rear bumper RM850
c/w reflector two pcs and lining...(trade in excepted based on terms and conditions) 

6)v6 handbrake RM100.00 

7)V6 enhanced steering wheel black RM450.00...beige color RM380.00 

8)complete door rubber RM250.00 NEW! four doors and windows and rear trunk rubber... 

9)original enhanced scuff plate without EL light...RM280.00 

10)Front v6 headlamp (used) good condition RM450.00 

11)Inter cooler custom various brand RM750.00 installation RM350.00
c/w stainless steel piping and original two pcs SAMCO hose... 

12)door opener chrome v6 type..rm180.00 4 pcs 

13)v6 adjustable RM1800.00 brand new...local brand... 

14)HID 4300K low only RM650.00 with installation bulb Phillips and AL ballast and relay made in Germany... 

15) HID 6000K to 8000K Hi/Lo RM900.00...brand new 

16)original v6 enhanced spoiler rubber type RM150.00.. 

17) roof spoiler..RM150.00

18)Bee sting v6 enhanced antenna brand new RM150.00 installation need repaint job..

Performance parts/chop shop items

1)Turbo timer....various model...HKS,A'pexi, Razo and etc... price range from RM150.00 to RM250.00

2) Perdana single cam throttle body RM280.00 for S4 and Sei engine..

3)Half cut RS Galant GT sport RM4800.00 negotiable..

4)Perdana sei original meter RM150.00 manual...

5)RECARO SR3 ur original perdana seat

6)Boost meter A'pexi, HKS, Blitz and others..price range from RM180 to RM280....

7)Blow-off valve...RM450.00 to RM700.00...

8)Tial waste gate brand new RM800 various sizes 30mm up to 60mm

9)Ken wood LCD screen c/w japan tv tuner box..5 inches..RM450.00 monitor only...

10)RIM 18" pegasus RM2500 without tyre...

11) Japan branded exhaust..
HKS super dragger RM480.00, HKS hiper RM550.00, TANABE RM250.00, 5-zigen RM300.00, V6 standard RM180.00..

We provide range of convert such as;

1)Headlamp conversion from sei model to V6 looks..RM150.00 per pair

2)Body kit installation RM150.00

3)Electronic gadget Wiring...SAFC,RSM and AVCR RM100

4)Boost meter installation RM50.00

5)HID installation RM100.00

6)Mileage meter reduce RM30.00

7)Paint and knocking job..

8)Insurance and workshops panels accident claim KURNIA,Takaful and others..

9)Insurance roadtax renewal..

10)Inspection PUSPAKOM...for engine conversion and other matters..

If u r interested call or sms at 019-6110921 or email to

best regards...
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